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Course Syllabus

These are the topics we will be covering during the course. Scroll down to Course Content to begin. Good luck!

Lesson 1   Confident parenting

  • Why the need for parenting courses?

  • Get rid of guilt!

  • What is parental authority and where did we lose it?

  • How can we regain confidence in parental authority?

 Lesson 2   Understanding the dynamics

  • The child’s behavior is not driven by causes and reasons.

  • Human behavior is goal-oriented.

  • What motivates change in behavior?

Lesson 3   Understanding the purpose of the child’s behavior

  • What is the purpose of the behavior?

  • How is this purpose attained?

  • How can we enable a connection of cooperation?

 Lesson 4   How the child belongs by receiving attention

  • How does the ‘attention-getting connection’ manifest itself?

  • Does giving attention help or hinder?

  • How much attention is necessary?

  • How do we deal with behavior that constantly demands attention?

Lesson 5   How the child connects through power struggle

  • Identifying a power struggle in the dynamics.

  • Understanding how the child is ultimately the winner in a power struggle.

  • How to disengage from the power struggle.

  • Differentiating between belonging by power struggle vs. attention-getting.

Lesson 6   How to really encourage

  • Does positive reinforcement strengthen or weaken?

  • Is there a correlation between our expectations and the child’s performance?

  • How belief and trust brings out hidden strengths and abilities.

  • Examples of seeing beyond and expecting more that can make all the difference.

 Lesson 7   Children and responsibility

  • What is responsibility?

  • How is responsibility transferred or taken?

  • Understanding the parent’s role in the dynamics of passing on responsibility.

  • Relying on the child as the foundation for his becoming responsible.

 Lesson 8   Rewarding and penalizing

  • Are prizes and punishments effective in the long run?

  • Understanding the natural and logical consequence of behavior.

  • Learning how to rely on the child to deal with consequences of his actions.

 Lesson 9   Dynamics between siblings

  • Understanding the diversity between our children.

  • Is character changeable or a permanent trait?

  • Dealing with sibling rivalry.

 Lesson 10   Summing it up 

  • Honoring parents as the basis for healthy family dynamics.

  • Seeing the good which sets the pace for positive change.