Discover the joy of confident parenting

Shefer – An approach you’ve never heard before


Discover the joy of confident parenting

Shefer – An approach you’ve never heard before


Discover the joy of confident parenting

Shefer – An approach you’ve never heard before


Discover the joy of confident parenting

Shefer – An approach you’ve never heard before


Are you constantly at odds with your children?

Feeling drained and full of guilt by the end of the day?

Are you tired of your kids fighting and bickering?

Is the atmosphere in your home not what you dreamt it would be?

Do you believe that parenting can actually be enjoyable?

Would you like to simply enjoy raising your children?

Maybe it’s time for something new

The Shefer Approach

The Shefer Institute was established in response to the growing disarray and urgent needs of the modern family as characterized by:

  • Loss of parental authority
  • Helplessness when challenged by children’s behavior
  • Parental stress due to overwhelming guilt feelings

The Shefer approach offers parents an opportunity to engage in fascinating and deep introspection regarding the parent-child relationship, thereby attaining an understanding of the dynamics between parent and child. This understanding ultimately leads to improvement in the behavior of the child as well as the general atmosphere in the home.

This approach doesn’t offer tips or specific methods, rather it provides parents with a new outlook regarding their children’s behavior.  Attaining a new understanding of the dynamics is the tool for solving dilemmas with children of all ages, while enabling the children to develop hidden strengths and talents as parents rediscover the joy in raising their children!

For more information about the Shefer approach, click here.


About Chagit

Parenting has its ups and downs.

While raising my five children I instinctively felt that keeping things simple and sensible was usually the best course of action. Simple and sensible meant sticking to basic common sense and not getting carried away by overly-dramatic situations.

There was an innate realization deep down that this is the path to follow.  Yet I was finding my way along this path without specific guidance.  I could only rely on instinct and often it was a course of trial and error. In the course of time and to my good fortune I was introduced to the SHEFER APPROACH.

While being an eye-opener, it was also a confirmation of many things that were already prevalent in my mindset.  I found that the basic instincts that I had relied on were now structured practically and sensibly. I enthusiastically embraced and applied the principles of the Shefer approach and the results were amazing!

This inspired me to ‘spread the good word’ and train to become a counselor and consultant in the Shefer approach at the Shefer Institute in Jerusalem.  I have since been giving workshops and consultations in Hebrew and English in the approach in live groups as well as through video and audio sessions.

I have combined my teaching and learning experience to create a user-friendly online course which will bring the Shefer Approach to every home.

 10 video sessions

The Online Shefer Course

The course is comprised of 10 modules to be viewed at weekly intervals.

Each module includes a detailed breakdown of a specific topic, incorporating an explanatory video, written FAQs and articles, as well as exercises for follow-up and implementation of the concepts.

After completion of each module we will have a private one-on-one audio or video meeting (approximately 30-45 minutes) to review, clarify and apply what you’ve learned.  These meetings will be set up in advance on a weekly basis concurring with the completion of that week’s lesson.

In addition you will receive a journal with highlights of the concepts and recommended exercises as well as options to log your insights and progress. This will help you maintain the Shefer mindset as you implement what you have learned during and after completion of the course.

There is also an unlimited chat option to ask and receive replies to ensure a thorough understanding of the concepts as you apply them to your daily life.

We leave no stone unturned in the quest to enable an in-depth understanding of the concepts. The respective topics follow a set sequence as each new concept fits like a piece of a puzzle to the preceding lesson. Eventually, a beautiful tapestry woven from your learning experience evolves, as you implement the new outlook and mindset.

The topics are:

  • Confident parenting – it’s within reach!
  • What triggers behavior?
  • What can enable change in behavior?
  • The feeling of belonging. How is it achieved?
  • The power of trust as encouragement and reinforcement.
  • Responsibility – we can really rely on our children.
  • Reward and punishment – there is an alternative!
  • Building relationships by understanding the dynamics between siblings.
  • Seeking the good – seeing the good in our children.
  • Honoring parents – the key to the ultimate relationship!

The course includes:

  • 10 video lessons to be viewed at weekly intervals.
  • Written FAQs and articles relating to the respective lessons.
  • Exercises for follow-up and implementation of the concepts.
  • 10 private one-on-one audio or video meetings.
  • Course journal
  • Unlimited chat option by email

The Cost

Still not sure?
Before you decide if this course is for you, you’re welcome to set up a FREE DISCOVERY CALL to hear more about the course and the approach to make sure that it’s for you.


I strongly recommend the Shefer course which supplies excellent ‘tools’ for dealing with the daily challenges of parenting. Chagit Zelcer uses her experience to teach the course combining sensitivity and professionalism.

Naomi A.

The Shefer course changed my life. I acquired a new outlook which enabled a change in me and not only in respect to parenting. This course is a must for anyone who wants to see a change for better in his life.

Dina Y.

The Shefer approach is a simple and non-judgmental approach that leads to positive dynamics and communication between parents and children. Chagit Zelcer teaches the principles of the approach clearly and concisely.

Yael G.

The Shefer course strengthened my confidence as a parent which helped me deal with a challenging experience that my family went through. In addition, I also made excellent use of the concepts and principles of the approach as an educator dealing with 'high-risk' teenagers.

Avigayil A.

Thanks for everything! Your passion, interest, and high standards are so, so appreciated.

Before: I was confused. I was drained. What tore me apart was the doubt. Everything stressed me out. There was certainly no joy in my parenting experience. During: SHEFERCOURSE gave me a different perspective. I let go of the preconceived notions that has me going around in circles and embraced a new outlook at the dynamics with my children. After: There is so much joy in my parenting.

Thank you Chagit! I'm so grateful that I fit your course in before the quarantine. It is so helpful to have those tools now.

Thank you for the webinar! This is exactly what I needed after having meltdowns every day this week…

SHEFERCOURSE presents a logical no nonsense way of approaching parenting. Actually, it's pretty instinctive, but this format makes it practical and doable. Thank you!

I find myself reacting less and seeing the good in my children. Saves me a lot of energy!

I have more energy. I had spent a lot of time trying to bribe, cajole, or encourage my kids. I've come to realize that I already taught them what to do. 'Letting go' has been liberating!

I am the mother. By definition, I lead. I don't have to doubt myself.

The course brought about a huge shift in mindset.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Shefer approach appropriate for all ages?

Yes!! It is relevant from ages 0-20 (yes, including teenagers!). We deal with dynamics between parents and children.  Dynamics are not age-related. The course will verify that concept in depth.

Does the approach address my values?

In the Shefer Approach we don’t talk about values or about what is right or wrong in raising your children.

We respect that every family has a value system that they choose to live by. And we are here to help you attain cooperation to implement your values.

That being said, you will find that the principles of the Shefer approach are very much in sync with basic Jewish values that give us a clear ‘blueprint’ of healthy home and family dynamics.

My aim is to bring to you the concepts and principles of the Shefer approach that have already facilitated a return to the common sense and natural instincts of parenting in thousands of homes.

The resulting change in behavior and attitude of the children as well as the atmosphere of the home speaks for itself.  Discover the joy of (confident!) parenting as you learn to believe and rely on yourself, as well as on your children.

How many sessions is the course?

The course comprises of 10 online video sessions that will be sent to you each week.

What if I have questions about concepts that are new to me in the duration of the course?

You will be able to contact me via “chat” with any question that you may have. You’ll receive a reply within 24 hours. We will also have the opportunity to clarify things in the one-on-one video/audio meetings.


What happens after the course?

Putting the concepts into practice is the best way to implement what you have learned. You will receive access to an online support forum as you work out issues and use the approach in daily life. In addition, the respective lessons will be available for viewing for 6 months. You will be able to refresh what you have learned as you integrate it into your life. 

In the long run, there is always an option to set up a private video or audio ‘booster’ consultation session at any time after you have completed the full course. Graduates of the course are entitled to a 25% discount off the consultation fee.

How much does the course cost?

One-Time Payment – ₪ 3000 

You receive:

– 10 videos lessons to be viewed at weekly intervals.
– Written FAQs and articles relating to the respective lessons.
– Exercises for follow-up and implementation of the concepts.
– 10 private one-on-one audio or video meetings.
– Course journal
– Unlimited chat option by email

What if I don't feel the approach is for me?
Needless to say, I have tremendous faith in this approach. I have seen it bring about blessed changes in countless homes. However, if you feel that it isn’t for you within 14 days of purchasing the course, I will refund the cost of the course in full.
Do you offer a free consultation?
Yes! Click here to set up a FREE DISCOVERY CALL to hear more about the course and the approach.

Get in touch

You take your parenting seriously, your time is precious and you probably have questions before you commit yourself to this course. I am happy to address any inquiry that you may have regarding the course and the Shefer Approach in general.

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