Your parents get the credit, not the blame

I usually post about relationships between parents and their children. 

Here’s a new angle.   

Forget your kids for a moment.   

Let’s talk about the relationship with your parents. 

Did you ever promise yourself that you wouldn’t be like your parents?   

Or swear not to “make the same mistakes that they did”?   

Do you believe that they’re to blame for what may have gone a bit ‘off’ in your life? 

Yet, if you perceive yourself to be a relatively accomplished person, there must be a way that you got to be what you are… Seems that they did something right… 

What you are today is the result of 2 factors.  

  1. What you’ve received consciously or unconsciously throughout childhood.  
  2. What you ultimately choose to do with what you’ve ‘received’. 

No one can choose instead of you. Your choices are totally your responsibility.   

Therefore, we can conclude that there’s no one to blame. 

That’s a relief. 

Because not blaming others prevents you from becoming a victim trapped in a continuous cycle of blaming.  Essentially,  that’s empowering.   

The freedom to choose is priceless.  Cherish it and don’t relinquish it by blaming others for what’s wrong in your life.  Not even your parents.  

Not only does it get you nowhere, it’s simply the polar opposite of honoring.   

As we all know, honoring our parents is fundamental to our relationship with them.   

First and foremost, that means not blaming or judging.  

This may not be a popular viewpoint in a world where unfortunately, blaming parents is the accepted norm.  But… truth be told, has blaming parents (or others for that matter) ever made life better for anyone? 

So if you want life to be better (who doesn’t?), make yourself a list of what you thank your parents for.  The list is not for them.  It’s for you.   

See how it affects your life, your relationship with them, and ultimately, with your own children. 

Let it go and let yourself grow!

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