The game changer

The ‘holidays’ are loaded with family dynamics and interaction.  

It could be loaded with quality time as well.   

Look back and reflect if indeed there was quality time.   

Odds are that there were special moments that you want to remember and cherish.    

Focus on these moments.  Imprint them in your mind and in your heart.  The coming year will supply you with opportunities to retrieve them for good use. 

What do I mean by ‘good use’? 

When you lose patience at how your children behave, remember how adorable they looked in their new picture-perfect Yom tov outfits.  Yes, it’s the kids… 

When they’re fighting (again…), remember when they played so nicely.  Even if what you see is constant bickering, you know that’s not the whole picture…Just look beyond.  Odds are there were (and will continue to be) magical moments of ‘brotherly love’… 

Hanging on to those special moments means seeking the good, even when it seems to evade you.  It’s called ‘Ayin tova’-seeking and seeing the good; parents as well as children benefit from it.   

It’s a game changer!   

It’s what brings out the innate goodness ingrained in your children.     

When you discover that, you discover the joy of parenting!

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