Sweet as honey

One of the classic symbols connected to the Jewish New Year is honey.  

Apples and honey, challa and honey, honey cakes and cookies are an enduring tradition at this time of the year. 

Honey is also used to describe the bounty of the land of Israel.  

What is it about honey that gives it this status? Why not sugar?  

The clue is in the creation of the honey.   

Honey is derived through a process of cooperation in the hive.  The hive is the natural environment where honey is created.  It can’t be done anywhere else, or through any other process. 

One of the most notable and significant characteristics of the beehive is the hierarchy that exists there.  The queen reigns.   

If the queen doesn’t maintain her status, whilst each bee adheres to its proper role and position, then the process simply fails.  A lot of ‘buzz’, but no honey is produced.   

The survival of the beehive and its ultimate produce are based on cooperation and maintaining the role and status that is natural to each group of bees respectively. There are bees that go out to the fields, and those that work in the hive.  The roles aren’t interchangeable.  It’s what ensures the continued existence of the hive and the creation of the honey. 

Nature at its finest. 

Another example of nature at its finest is the familial structure.  There are the parents who lead, the children who follow.  If there is a dynamic of cooperation then it is oh-so-sweet.   

However, if the roles are transposed then it can become oh-so-bitter. 

We’re constantly being told that it’s important for a child to have stability.  What more stability can a child receive than parents who lead and are confident in their role?   

The accepted norm, especially in modern Western culture where parents are judged and constantly undermined leaves them guilt-ridden and doubting themselves.  Parents are confused, children as well.  

That’s not how nature meant for it to be.  

We can take the sting out of parenting, by stepping up to our natural role.  

The key words here are ‘stepping up’, the opposite of being undermined.   

The sweetness (and joy) of parenting awaits you.  

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