Remember Superman? He was strong and fast, but most impressive (at least to me as a child), he had X-ray vision. Nothing was concealed from him. 

That’s a powerful tool.

Every mother tries to be strong and fast and aims to ‘save the world,’ or at least make it a good place for her family. But what about X-ray vision? Imagine if we, as moms, had X-ray vision. We would be ‘Supermoms’! 

Here’s the thing. 

Moms do have X-ray vision!  It’s not always put to use; perhaps because they’re unaware that they have it, or maybe because they’re just overwhelmed, or a combination of both…Whatever the reason, it’s there and ready for use. 

How can a mom access and apply her X-ray vision?  It’s simpler than you think. Interaction with your children will provide an opportunity at almost any given moment. 

Take any behavior that bothers you. Look beyond and see the sweet, cooperative child concealed behind annoying behavior. You know that she’s sweet and cooperative. How do you know? 

1. She’s your child.

2. There have been other occasions or circumstances where she behaved differently. 

So, what irks you now is superficial, temporary, and changeable.  All you have to do is look beyond; that will take you out of the cycle the behavior is trapping you in. 

Superman’s X-ray vision enabled him to choose a path of action. Your X-ray vision will help you decide how to react/refrain from responding to the behavior, because now you know more than what’s on the surface. That’s liberating and oh-so-empowering. 

Here’s to Supermoms!! 

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