Summer vacation with a new twist…

Summer vacation.  One would expect it to be the best of times.  Yet, sadly, it is perceived to be the worst.

Parents are stressed out and worried about how to keep their kids occupied and/or…out of trouble.

What do ‘keeping kids occupied’ and ‘keeping them out of trouble’ have in common?

In both situations, parents feel that it’s their responsibility. That causes stress!

Here’s a different perspective…

It actually could be the best of times. Not being in a structured framework enables creativity, independence and initiative.

What do creativity, independence and initiative have in common?

That they can be achieved and manifested only by said person who is creative, independent or takes initiative. No one else can take responsibility for it. Not even parents!

Responsibility can’t be shared. It’s either by the parent or the child. No middle ground. Trying to split it up is lose-lose for everyone. Parents are stressed out, and true to form, the children live up to low expectations that they can occupy themselves creatively and responsibly.

We can change that when we let go of the responsibility that isn’t ours, and actually not in our control. Knowing that it’s not in our control makes it easier to let go, but more substantially it’s about relying.

When we rely, expectations can fly sky high!

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