Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana approaching, with all that it entails.   

There are practical aspects including shopping, cooking, baking, hosting or being hosted.  It’s families and communities coming together to get a ‘fresh start’.  

But as we all know, it’s a lot more than that.  

Rosh Hashana is about praying.   

There are the prayers which refer to the world in general, and the Jewish nation in particular.  

And there are the private prayers that ask to be inscribed in the Book of Life, which includes of course all the blessings for health, peace, prosperity and a good life in every way. 

As parents, our private prayers naturally extend to our children.  We pray for their health, success and well-being.  But we don’t only pray, and not only on Rosh Hashana.  Our daily lives are geared 24/7 in every effort to that end. 

We do what we can, and it’s not always easy…   

So, we pray. We pray to the ‘third partner’ in the creation of the child to help us.  He knows that we’re doing/we’ve done our best.   

Even when we are unsure and lose confidence, He knows that we are the ‘exact fit’ as parents for our children.   

It’s not a quirk of fate that ‘matches up’ parent to child. It’s an act of G-d.   

We believe that He controls every blade of grass that grows; so rest assured that he didn’t take a break when it came to ‘matching’ you with your child.   

He’s ‘got your back’, and with backing like that you can be confident.  Confident in your parenting and confident that your prayers will (please G-d) be answered. 

May the coming year bring the joy of confident parenting. 

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