Rose colored glasses

Seeing things with rose-colored glasses is perceived as unrealistic and impractical.  It rates low in a world where efficiency and achievements are highly regarded.  That’s because achieving is often associated with improving something.  To improve, we first ascertain what’s wrong or lacking.  So, we’re busy scrutinizing what needs to be ‘fixed.’  We do it to ourselves, our spouses, and especially our children.  

Don’t get me wrong.  Striving to grow and advance is inherent to human nature.  But if it gives us a negative outlook that focuses mainly on what’s wrong, it becomes a trap or a self-destructive mechanism at worst.  

Regarding our children, we do our best for their development and progress.  It’s a basic parental instinct.  Yet if it puts us in a stance of constantly looking for what needs to be ‘fixed,’ we’re caught in a loop of negativity that can quickly sabotage relationships.  

How can we rectify that?  It’s easier than you think.  Step back.  

You probably know that you’ve done your best to guide your children, and they know what is acceptable and how things should be done – at home, school, anywhere…  You’ve no doubt said it many times over.  The message has been relayed loud and clear.  

Now it’s time to step back and put on rose-colored glasses.  Start seeing things from a different angle, in a different light.  

There isn’t a child that doesn’t have a few if not many positive attributes.  Look for and focus on that.  

It will take you out of the loop and change the relationship’s dynamic.  From there, anything is possible.

Trust yourself. Trust your child.

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