Role Model 

“Be a role model”.   

That’s one of the primary conditions for “successful parenting” which, despite being well intentioned,  leaves parents perceiving themselves as inadequate.  Instead of being encouraging to the average parent, hearing it makes them cringe… 

Good news!  You are a role model from the minute your child was born.   

Children instinctively learn by imitating us, whether they’re taught purposely or not.  

And here’s more good news! 

More than being guided by our actions, our children are guided by our hearts…They won’t ‘buy’ anything that’s not genuine.  When we really believe in something, it’s absorbed by them, without artificial displays intended to make an impression.

So just being true to yourself and your values is the best you can do.   

Actually, it’s also the only thing you can do.   

The child’s behavior does not necessarily reflect what you portray.  You’ll have the same parents, who are the same ‘role model’ for a number of children and yet the children don’t all behave/look/turn out the same.   

That’s because the child will always have the freedom to choose how and what to follow.         

Our part is to rely on the child and believe that he follows our lead.

That’s the key, to your confidence, and to his cooperation. 

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