Propelling forward

The other day I observed a Mom and Dad walking with their daughter, each holding one of her hands. 

They were doing the classic “one, two, three, and up you go,” swinging her up.  The child squealed with delight every time she ‘flew’ up high.  

At a certain point, she said, “I want to do it myself.”  

She tried and tried, but she hardly achieved a skip and hop.  Certainly not the height she reached with the support and momentum she received from her parents.  

This scene got me thinking:  

It’s our parents’ support that propels us forward.  

Even when we become mature and independent, holding on to their values and what they’ve taught us is priceless and worth hanging onto because being connected to our parents is what can make us fly.  

Take a few minutes to contemplate what you got from your parents that makes you ‘fly.’  

It may take a bit of ‘digging,’ but it’s well worth the effort.  

And here’s a suggestion to upgrade that: Call them and tell them about it.  Thank them.  You won’t only make their day; you’ll also make yours better.  


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