Chagit Zelcer’s Online Shefer Parenting Course



This online course is comprised of a series of 10 video sessions that will be sent to you on a weekly basis. It enables you to complete the course from the comfort of your own home and in your own time.

Each lesson includes a detailed explanation of a topic as well as examples, visual aids and exercises for follow-up and implementation of the concepts. You will have the opportunity to send questions and comments in writing via ‘chat’ during the span of time that you are viewing the course. This will ensure you attain a thorough understanding of the concepts and will help enable you to implement them into your daily life.

Furthermore, I’ve included FAQs relevant to each topic in anticipation of your questions as you acquaint yourself with this new outlook.

The topics are:

Confident parenting – is it really a lost art?
What triggers behavior? What can enable change?
Feeling of belonging. How it is achieved?
The power of trust as encouragement and reinforcement
Responsibility – we can really rely on our children
Reward and punishment – there is an alternative
Dynamics between siblings
Seeing the good – staying positive
Kibud Horim – the real thing!

The respective topics follow each other in sequence as each new concept fits like pieces of a puzzle to the preceding lesson in a logical format. Eventually, we will progress to create a beautiful tapestry woven from your learning experience and ability to actively incorporate a new outlook and mindset.

The basic course includes a one-on-one half hour video or audio meeting with me following session #5 and #10, as well as an option to set up 2 additional meetings. These sessions are intended to help you work through what you’ve learned as you put it into practice.

In addition you will receive a journal with highlights of the concepts and recommended exercises. In the journal you will be able to note your insights and progress. This will help you maintain the Shefer mindset as you implement what you have learned during and after completion of the course. Please enter your mailing address when purchasing in order to receive the journal.