Pre-Pesach Parenting Perks #4 – Connecting with our children

Connecting with our children

The traditions of the Seder are meant to entice our children to join, ask questions, and ultimately, to hear the story of the deliverance from slavery to freedom, which was essentially the beginning of the Jewish nation.  

We have a story to tell.  

We tell the story to ourselves because we are committed to feel as if we too had been freed from slavery in Egypt.  

We are obliged as well to tell it to our children.  That’s the crux of the Seder, as the children are actively involved in the various customs and traditions throughout the night.

Indeed it seems that children are in the limelight at the Seder.  

However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not about them.  

Rather, it’s for them, to enhance their identity and sense of belonging.  

Connecting to tradition is the key to their eternal connection to the Jewish nation.  And that’s the secret of the survival of the Jewish people throughout centuries, as each generation continues in the path of those who preceded them.

The fundamental feeling of belonging is attained by the connection to family, starting of course with the parents. 

It’s only natural that the Seder is celebrated in a family setting.  

In the Seder the parent leads.  That’s how the eternal connection is achieved; when a child looks up to his parents.  That’s when he/she builds the foundation for his/her true identity, by absorbing and respecting the story and traditions of previous generations.  

Wishing you and yours an enjoyable and meaningful Seder.  

Chag Sameach! 

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