No one messes with the driver’s seat

Summer vacation probably entailed a lot of traveling.    

Traveling is the process of getting from point A to point B.  Sounds simple; all you need to do is get everyone into a car, and you’re on your merry way.  Indeed, it is simple if you don’t consider the holy rite that precedes entering the car – kids fighting (once again!) about who sits where.  It always happens, no matter how short the trip or at what time.   

Here’s a new angle on this issue.   

Have any of the children who fight tooth and nail about their preferred spot ever vied for the driver’s seat?  Odds are, never!    

That’s because they know that it’s not negotiable.  More so, YOU know that it’s not negotiable.  It’s an unshakable fact that needn’t be discussed.  With unshakable facts, you don’t waste energy.  It’s a given.    

Think about it.  There are undoubtedly other issues that YOU know are non-negotiable, and no one messes with, yet they tick like clockwork, even if you don’t say a word, certainly don’t argue, lecture, and negotiate…

Disclaimer: This is not about how to deal with kids bickering over nothing.  It’s to give you a new outlook on the inherent inner confidence that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of parenting.  

Time to get back into the driver’s seat.  

You have it in you.  Believe it! 

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