Making the connection

Parents have a lot ‘weighing down’ on them.  Being the ‘responsible adult’ is no simple task.   

No one ever said it is.  

Yet, there are very few people who don’t want to be parents (sooner or later in their lives).

Yet raising children can be challenging.  Perhaps that’s why G-d in His infinite wisdom, gave clear instructions regarding the parent-child relationship. 

Instructions?! Where do I find them?  If only I’d have known… 

Actually, you know the instructions.  You probably learned about them in first grade, possibly even before… 

Just one simple verse in the ‘Ten commandments’: “Honor thy father and thy mother…”.  

Yup, it’s up there with the basics like ‘thou shalt not kill, steal’ and so forth, as well as the elemental concepts concerning belief in G-d.  

One might expect that such a loaded and complicated issue would call for lengthy instructions.  But it’s not so.  The beauty of it is in its simplicity.  No ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’.  Just as is.  Minimal details.   

What is there to explain?  It just makes sense.   

It’s the most natural and everlasting connection between people.  Friendships can fade away, contracts can be broken and even marriages can end in divorce, but the connection between children and parents can never be severed.   

Even in situations where parent and child are estranged, there is an energetic or emotional attachment that prevails.  Ironically it manifests itself negatively when children blame their parents for their problems…unfortunately, that’s not a commendable connection, but a connection nevertheless. 

Attaining a positive dynamic in this connection is win-win for everyone.  It’s what keeps the family going, and ultimately ensures the existence of the world.  

If that’s not win-win, what is?  

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