Keep adding light

As Chanukah progresses and we add light each day, let’s add light to our relationships. 

Rav A.Y. Hacohen Kook whose ‘Ahavat Yisrael’ was exemplary wrote: “Every person should know that within him glimmers a candle”.  

Indeed, according to Jewish tradition, a person’s soul is compared to a glimmering candle. 

The ‘candle’ glimmers from the moment we’re born.  It’s inherent throughout life, no matter what we develop to be.   

Being aware of this inner light and innate goodness guides us to grasp what lies beyond what we see.  Even if it may seem otherwise, knowing that this inner light exists enables us to look beyond the surface.  

This concept guides us well in the dynamics with our children.   

Parents often contend with behavioral issues that display the child in a negative light.   

Being aware, even in the most difficult situations, of the light that glows beyond the surface, we can perceive the child and the entire issue differently.  It can truly take the sting out of difficult and exasperating dynamics.   

Knowing that the candle glows is a game-changer for the parent as well as the child.  

This concept can relate to more than the relationships with our children.  It’s also about us as parents.   

We should always remember that the candle glimmers within ourselves.   

As parents, BELIEVING IN OURSELVES is the ray of light that guides us through thick and thin in any situation, gloomy as it may see, to be.  

Let’s add light to ourselves, our families and our lives.

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