Just waiting to bloom

This calla lily was planted over a year ago. 

It bloomed beautifully and gave us much pleasure.  

Then we noticed it slowly began to wilt… and within a few weeks had completely dried up and ‘disappeared’.  

There was nothing in sight to enjoy and more so, it seemed irredeemable.

A few days ago, it all changed.  

What seemed to be hopeless and irredeemable began to show signs of rejuvenation.  

We realized that it was there all along.  Alive and growing, at its own pace just not within view.  We didn’t see the beauty that in time will appear, and we lost hope.  

That’s how it is with our children sometimes.  So much is often hidden. We see only what’s on the surface, and that can make it so easy to perceive them (or their behavior) as ‘irredeemable’ or ‘hopeless’.  

But the beauty is there, and sooner or later it will appear in full bloom. Just believe it.  When we really believe something, we don’t ask for proof.  Even if we don’t see it, we just know it, for sure.   

There’s something so calming about knowing for sure, as opposed to being full of doubts.  

And the choice between believing and doubting is in our hands.   

As parents we can choose how to perceive our children’s behavior. 

Will what we see lead us to doubting them, and ultimately doubting ourselves as well? 

Or do we look beyond, knowing that the innate goodness is there, and we expect it to present itself in time. 

Expecting the beauty that will eventually appear is the polar opposite of hopelessness.  

That’s where you want to be, and the key is in your hands.  Believe it.

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