Imagine receiving payment for each time that you remind your kids to do their homework, brush their teeth, eat nicely, not fight with each other, fix their rooms…etc.  You would be rich!! 

Wealthier than in your wildest dreams! 

Imagine what you would do with all that money! 

There’s only one catch.  It’s not going to happen. 

Not only that you won’t get paid, you will lose out on something even more important than money.  Precious energy is wasted. 

Sorry for the rude awakening.  My aim isn’t to distress parents, rather to make life easier for them. 

But it’s the hard truth.   The amount of energy, mental as well as physical, wasted by parents in the average family (with good intentions, no doubt) would probably be enough to supply a power plant of medium size. 

There’s endless talk about saving energy due to the world-wide energy crisis, and rightfully so.   

We all know the age-old adage, ‘charity begins at home’.   Well, not only charity begins at home, saving energy does as well!    

Think of all the futile efforts spent trying to change our kids’ behavior.   

Think of the energy expended on worrying, reminding and lecturing them time and again on what they clearly know (since they’ve heard it thousands of times…). 

Here’s my suggestion: 

Instead of squandering precious time and energy, open a ‘savings plan’.  Yes, like in the bank…  

Choose one issue where you are constantly involved, to no avail.  It may be emotional, mental, or technical involvement. Next time it happens, just change course.  Instead of trying to get the behavior to change, switch into energy-saving mode.  Here’s a helpful hint: Keep in mind that what you’ve tried till now wasn’t particularly effective…  

Every time you follow this path, you’re accumulating something precious.  Energy, and probably time (yes, even ‘me time’…).  More importantly, you aren’t wasting time and energy, a precious commodity for parents anywhere. 

Similar to a financial savings plan, this ‘energy saving plan’ will give you security and confidence, as a parent that’s in control of his/her energy expenditure.  The interest that you earn on your ‘investment’ is the serenity, confidence and ‘me time’ that you attain.   

Try it.  You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Good luck!

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