“I’m bored”

Summer vacation. Parents put up with a lot at this time of year.    

On the one hand, it’s the fear of the oft-repeated – “I’m bored,” striking terror in the hearts of the parents who, more than anything, want their children to be occupied and content.  

On the other hand, a solution is within reach. All a parent has to do is fall prey to marketing tactics that sell them activities, games, toys, and entertainment options. Anything to fend off the “I’m bored” syndrome.   

So how does the average parent who is intelligent, well-meaning, capable, and usually an independent thinker succumb to the ‘avoid “I’m bored” campaign?’  

It’s like this:   

When the words “I’m bored’ register in the brain of the average well-meaning parent, they are converted to ‘you’re not doing enough,’ or ‘everyone else’s kids are doing better…’   

The truth is that it doesn’t start with summer vacation. All year-round, parents are assailed with advice and suggestions on how to keep their children content. Summer vacation puts it all into high gear. And as temperatures soar, guilt and the feeling of inadequacy soars. It becomes a vicious cycle. The parent, daunted by the child’s demands and the social atmosphere that expects them to be ‘rockstar parents’ (a term I heard from parents recently), will go to all ends to fit the bill. All the while, demands grow exponentially, along with ongoing self-doubt. In such a mindset, parents are easy prey to countless offers of attractions, entertainment, and, most importantly, the prospect of peace and quiet.  

Don’t despair. There is a way out!  You can break the cycle by believing that:  

☑️Preset notions and conditions that set standards for ‘parenting’ are not a decree from heaven. Far from it. Actually, heaven has decreed standards for children to portray consideration for their parents, and not the other way around.  

☑️Children can take responsibility for how they spend their time, including finding ways not to be bored. They’ve been doing it for generations before being surrounded by countless activities and attractions. Not supplying everything on a silver platter encourages their natural creativity.   

☑️When you believe that keeping themselves occupied is essentially their responsibility and within their capabilities, you can LET GO. Let go of worrying, doubting, and feeling inadequate.

Take a vacation.  You have it coming 😅. 

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