Hiding lights

Last week there was a solar eclipse in Israel.  

The sun was hidden behind the moon. Disappeared.  

Or so it seemed.  

Yet no one thought that the sun had ceased to exist.  

We all KNEW that despite being hidden, it’s there.  

Even in the darkness that ensued in midday, we knew that it’s just a matter of time before the sun would reappear.  

That’s how it is with our children.  

Sometimes their behavior really seems ‘dark’, even scares us.  

And we react accordingly; fear, anger, annoyance and frustration.  

But there’s another option.  

We can remember that behind this ‘dark’ unacceptable behavior hides a shining sun (son or daughter that is…), and that it’s just a question of time before the sun will appear in its full glory.  

Then the ‘darkness’ becomes a lot less disheartening.  

Just being aware that the ‘darkness’ isn’t permanent, helps you avoid being drawn into all those negative dynamics.  Consequently, our reactions are calmer and more toned down, since we’re not fighting the ‘dark’ and being pulled into unnecessary dramas. 

This will have an effect on your relationship with them, as well on the general atmosphere in the home.  

Just keep remembering:  

It’s only the moon hiding the sun.  

Soon the light will come shining through. 

Discovering the ‘hidden light’ in your children is within reach.

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