Great expectations

The phrase ‘expectant parent’ relates to the mother and father’s status before a baby’s birth.  Because from that stage onwards, the parents are in a continuous state of expecting. defines expectations as – A thing to look forward to, The degree of probability that something will occur.  

Let’s talk about expectations regarding our children?  

  • Sleepless nights, sibling rivalry, terrible twos, lack of cooperation with chores, won’t like going to school, turbulent adolescent years… to name a few.  

Indeed, it’s clear to us that there is a high probability that this will occur.  We are just waiting for it to happen.   

Who said???  

We may be convinced beyond doubt that it’s inevitable, but it’s not necessarily so.  

Yes, children (even babies) can sleep through the night, siblings can get along, two-year-olds can be adorable, children can happily do their chores and like school, and last but not least, teenagers can be amazing fun.   

Bottom line: We can’t control our children’s behavior at any age or stage.  But we have complete control over our expectations, mindset, and outlook on raising children.   

Our expectations can put us in a mindset of confidence and self-assurance.  Expecting the worst is diminishing.  The opposite is empowering.  Try it.  

See how it leads to joyful parenting.  

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