It’s that time of year… Our ‘mind monkeys’ work overtime and stress levels are rising exponentially…  

Pesach commemorates freedom from bondage in Egypt. The physical aspect caused fatigue and burn-out, preventing the Israelites from entertaining thoughts of liberation. This mindset kept them vulnerable and easy prey to the Egyptians, who continually added more toil and suffering. They were caught in a loop with seemingly no way out. Only seemingly. There is a way out. Even if we feel trapped physically, we are free to think and ultimately control our mindset. That’s where freedom begins.   

When Natan Sharansky was jailed in communist Russia in harsh and inhumane conditions he suffered brutal physical and mental abuse, but maintained humor and morale. He credits this to his unwavering belief that his captors had control over his physical existence, but they could not confine his soul; he was free to feel and think as he wished. That’s what true freedom is about.   

We have complete control over our mindset and freedom to choose how to relate to any situation, no matter what everyone around us says. So let yourself chill out. Let go of unnecessary pressure, focus on the good, and be free!   

As parents, we’re often confined by the dynamics with our children. Changing your mindset is the key to breaking free of those shackles; the key to that is focusing on the good. 

Try it. You’ll love it. 


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