Fits you like a glove. 

The norm nowadays is that moms and dads juggle between home and workplace.  

The word ‘juggle’ says it all. No need for me to expound.

Notwithstanding the importance of jobs and careers, being a parent is still probably the most significant role that a person will probably fill in his/her lifetime.   

And so, parents are constantly bombarded with (well intentioned) advice that often leaves them stressed out, confused and undermined. 

Being stressed out, confused and undermined have one thing in common:  

They DO NOT bring any results, other than WASTED ENERGY.  

Subsequently, what we see nowadays is capable, mature adults who handle challenging and complex situations in the workplace smoothly, yet find themselves completely at a loss regarding their children.  

In the workplace, when we’re confident in our role and sure that we’re doing a good job, the result is that we do it even better.   

However, doubting our competence and feeling constantly undermined makes the job so much harder, and the results – a high level of stress and less-than-favorable outcome. 

The dynamics of parenting are similar in many ways.  Self-doubt and second guessing yourself don’t bring on better results.   

Conclusion: The key to alleviating stress and confusion is the level of confidence in your role as a parent.   

What can upgrade this confidence? 

Simply knowing and believing that you’re up to the task.  Just like at work. 

You can be sure that the role fits you like a glove,  

because it’s been fitted for you from the One Above.   

Don’t let anyone, or any theory, tell you otherwise!

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