Parenting workshop in the Shefer Approach

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Join an active parenting workshop via zoom with Chagit Zelcer and get:

A renewed confidence in your role as a parent

Relationships based on trust and cooperation

A changed atmosphere in your home

About the workshop: 

The parenting workshop is comprised of 16 weekly 90 minute sessions, where we meet by zoom to learn the concepts of the Shefer Approach, and how to implement them practically.

The group framework gives participants the opportunity to be enriched by others’ input and insights.

That being said, we are careful to maintain a discreet and respectful atmosphere.  We don’t judge, criticize or assess.  Not the child, and certainly not the parents!

The workshop is geared for parents with children of all ages, and does not require participation of both parents.

Cost: 1000 ILS for one parent,  1200 ILS for both parents.

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Course Concepts:

  • Confident parenting – it’s within reach!
  • What triggers behavior?
  • What can enable change in behavior?
  • The feeling of belonging. How is it achieved?
  • The power of trust to encourage and reinforce.
  • Responsibility – we can really rely on our children.
  • Reward and punishment – there is an alternative!
  • Building healthy relationships between siblings.
  • Seeking the good – seeing the good in our children.
  • Honoring parents – the ultimate relationship!

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