Babkas and parenting

I’m constantly asked for my chocolate babka recipe.  It’s a winner, and I’m happy to share it.  The ingredients are basic.  Flour, eggs, oil, water, sugar, yeast, cocoa, and a pinch of salt.   

You’re probably wondering what’s the connection between babka and parenting… 

This past week ‘Family Day’ was commemorated in Israel and various other countries.  I was passing on my recipe with all the ‘Family Day’ PR and had some insights.   

To bake a cake, it’s essential that all the ingredients be joined, and properly.  If one element was forgotten or inaccurately placed at the wrong time or amount, it’s a fiasco.  But that’s not enough; putting it all into a bowl won’t suffice.  We achieve results only when the ingredients are kneaded, pressed, pinched, and put into the heat.  That’s when the final product presents itself in full glory.     

The family is more than a collection of individuals.  It’s the basis for connectedness,  everything joins. The individual is part of something bigger than him. Similar to our babka, each ‘ingredient’ has its role.  The roles can’t be shuffled around abstractly but should follow a specific order, with parents in the lead and children following.     

Maintaining that order is essential.  It doesn’t diminish the individual but enhances his worth and potential strengths.  Add to that a bit of ‘kneading,’ ‘pressing,’ ‘pinching,’ and being put into the ‘heat’ of life’s challenges, and the end result is individuals joined to form a family in its full glory.   

In case I’ve piqued your curiosity, here’s the recipe:


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