An artist’s view

I’m an artist. 

Artists often see things differently.  

They discern details that others often overlook.  

Essentially, it leads to an awareness that there is more than what meets the eye at first glance or even after that…  

That’s what attracted me to the Shefer parenting approach.  

We see our kids in a certain manner.  

We perceive their behavior as what characterizes them.  We are totally convinced that this is what they are and can’t expect anything else since they do such an amazing job of establishing this picture to be unequivocal.  

Yet sometimes the light and shadows change, which affects our focus and subsequently the entire picture.  

We can wait for the light and shadows to change or we can achieve the same effect by moving ourselves to a different angle or perspective.  

Sometimes, even a small movement and adjustment in focus or lighting is enough to change our perception of the entire picture.

Let’s implement that on how we see our children.  

When we adapt a different outlook of their behavior it can all take on a whole new ‘look’.  

Seeing things from a different viewpoint is the opportunity to break the cycle and get a whole new ‘picture’ of the situation.  

Try this on for size.

Take an issue that is bothering you with one of your kids.  Your reactions to date haven’t brought about any improvement (which indicates energy being wasted…but that’s an issue for a separate ‘parenting perk’…).  

Discontinue what you’ve been doing.  Hasn’t helped anyhow, right? 

Step out of the cycle.  

How? Here’s a suggestion.  Focus on something about this child that makes you happy.  You may find it challenging, but that’s the beauty of it all.  Every person has their saving grace.  Finding and focusing on it can change the entire picture.  

When it comes to parenting, everyone can be an artist. 


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