Summer vacation is coming to a close.  Yay!  

But… never a dull moment. 

Now the challenges of the school year await…homework, tests, sticking to schedules, constant updates from the teachers and school, etc.  

So, from being overwhelmed with vacation, parents are now overwhelmed with school issues. 

Let me offer a few pointers that can make it just a bit simpler.  And simpler means less overwhelming.  You deserve it! 

1. Transitions are a normal part of life.  From birth, the child is in ‘transition’.  Relating to the transitions of the new school year as a traumatic event is off base and does more harm than good.. 

2.  So, you can rely on your child to handle change.  He/she can adapt naturally to most any situation.  Actually, if there’s any age group that has difficulty in adapting to change it’s more likely to be older people who are set in their ways and less flexible. 

3.  Your child’s scholastic and social achievements are his/her responsibility exclusively! Helping is natural and wonderful; taking responsibility for every detail isn’t.  Confusing the former with the latter won’t serve them well in the long run, and no doubt will have you overwhelmed.  

4.  Knowing that it’s not your job to make sure the child succeeds will prevent uncalled for guilt on your part in the event of ‘failure’. 

5.  Don’t be afraid to let your child fail.  Success is built on a pile of failures.  

6.  The natural ability to deal with transitions will also serve the child well in the event of ‘failure’.  

7.  Lack of success should be an incentive to work harder, not to find who to blame.  Don’t get pulled into that.  It won’t benefit anyone, especially not the child. 

8.  Respect your child’s struggles.  It’s what strengthens him/her. 

The struggle of the butterfly to break out of the cocoon is what creates beautiful wings that enable him to fly. Your child’s struggles will ultimately build him/her ‘wings’ to fly high.  

Believe it, the sky’s the limit! 

Wishing a good year to students, parents…and teachers! 

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