I’m seeing a lot of posts and ads on ‘how to be a queen’ at the Seder.  

Some of the suggestions: Listen to shiurim (always good, not only pre-Pesach), ideas for self-care (also recommended year-round), and last but not least, purchase apparels and accessories that will no doubt make you feel regal.  

Let’s go to the source, a genuine queen.  

One of the aspects of royalty is that they are waited on 24/7 without asking, reminding, or cajoling. They don’t just expect it; they KNOW it will happen. It’s an inner confidence by virtue of the role they fill. The higher the rank, the less they need to say. Their role says it all. That’s what being a queen is about.  

As a mother, you are a queen. You were anointed by the Almighty, who knows exactly what he’s doing. The more confident you are in the role, the less you’ll need to ask, remind, persuade, and lecture. That’s when you’ll feel like royalty.  

Do you sometimes talk and react incessantly, with no results, while issues that don’t come up for discussion (or lectures) happen as a given – almost by magic, like in the royal palace? Every home has moments of ‘royalty’ where the parent reigns supreme. Look for it in your home. 

When parents are the King and Queen, the children are genuine princes.  

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