Pre-Pesach Parenting Perks #1

It’s here again…post Purim, pre-Pesach.  

The weeks prior to Pesach are intense and often stressful, especially for parents.😬 

Pesach commemorates the transition from slavery to freedom. Former Jewish dissident and activist Natan Sharansky describes how even as a prisoner enduring harsh physical and mental abuse he felt free. He credits this to one basic principle which he adhered to: that his jailors may have control over the physical aspects of his existence, but they could not confine his soul and his mindset.  So despite brutal imprisonment, he was free to feel and think as he wished.  The freedom to change our mindset or outlook cannot be taken away under any circumstances.  This belief enabled his faith and sense of humor to persevere.

Before you plunge into Pesach preps, free yourself!  

Let go of preconceived notions that are imprisoning you in your relationship/dynamics with your children. 

If you think that’s easier said than done, think again.  

Our mindset is the most flexible part of our existence.  We can change it!!!  Especially when we see that results up till now haven’t been forthcoming. 🙄

Try this on for size:

Parents should lead.  Parents can lead.  

A leader needs to be free, focused and confident.  That’s when he is followed.  

Don’t let yourself get sidetracked and trapped in a cycle of doubt, wasted energy and frustration that undermines your role as a parent.  

You are the leader and you’re up to the task,  pre-Pesach and all year round!

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