Purim Parenting Perk

The story of Purim is one of hidden secrets and intrigue behind the scenes. Perhaps this is why the concept of costumes and masks are specific to this holiday.
It’s said that by masquerading we actually reveal what’s been hidden all year long, our real selves. So does the mask hide or reveal? That is the question. Either way what we can learn from this is that there is more than meets the eye in every person.
This is particularly true with our children.
The child who is always bickering with everyone has moments of grace where we see consideration and cooperation.
The child who seems unable to deal with stressful situations will rise up to the occasion and act responsibly and sensibly if put to the test.
Our children are often in ‘costume’. Don’t be fooled by the costume, even if it seems real. It’s just a question of time till we see the real child behind the costume, and that child is amazing. Simply seeing beyond the disguise is the gist of loving our children.
Happy Purim!!

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