No audience, no show

Remember that next time your kid has a tantrum. 

Is it that simple?   

Well, here’s some food for thought. 

We would be terrified if a tiger escaped the zoo and entered our home.  But if a child disguised as a tiger sits himself down in the living room, even in the most authentic costume – we’d find it entertaining.  Best show in town! 

At times our children don ‘costumes’ by behaving in specific ways.  It looks entirely credible but often unconscious.  If you believe the costume to be real and react accordingly, the results are usually worry, pity, anger, frustration, and even fear.  

Let’s talk about trust.   

Trust is believing beyond what we see.  It’s knowing with certainty that it’s all a ‘performance,’ an illusion, albeit a successful one, and that behind the costume is a cooperative child. 

You don’t have to buy the act.  Trust that there’s a cooperative child beyond the ‘disguise’ and see how easy it is to stop being the audience.  

No audience, no show.  It’s as simple as that. 

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