Harmony awaits you

Like many other Jewish holidays, Pesach is family oriented.  So, being involved in guiding parents year-round, it was inevitable that parent-children concepts kept me occupied even on my Pesach ‘break.’  The result – I enjoyed and observed or observed and enjoyed.    

My most significant insight was how important family is, physically and emotionally.  It’s what makes us tick.  It can ‘make us tick’ in various directions, which brings me to another insight that I filed away to share:    

When the roles are clear, harmony reigns.  In other words, the respective roles of parents and children aren’t interchangeable.  The more that awareness is entrenched, the better off everyone is.    

It makes for happy holidays, calmer families, and confident parenting.  Let me note that this awareness isn’t an abstract concept; it’s an inherent truth ingrained in us.  Just sometimes, it’s covered by doubt, guilt, and preconceived notions.  Peel those away and discover the harmony that awaits you.  

It’s within reach!!  

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