Free Parenting Webinar – December 12th, 8:30pm

Waste less time talking to the wall!
In this free webinar we will explore how changing your outlook and mindset can save you lots of energy and leave you with alot more ‘Me Time’.

This webinar is presented by Chagit Zelcer from SHEFERCOURSE – online parenting course.
A little bit about The Shefer approach: Shefer offers parents an opportunity to engage in fascinating and deep introspection regarding the parent-child relationship, thereby attaining an understanding of the dynamics between parent and child.
This approach doesn’t offer tips or specific methods, rather it provides parents with a new outlook regarding their children’s behavior. Attaining a new understanding of the dynamics is the key to solving dilemmas with children of all ages, while enabling the children to develop hidden strengths and talents as parents discover the joy in raising their children!

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