Charity begins at home

Parenting is a hot topic.  The average parent has countless theories available at the touch of the screen… 

I want to propose a new angle at parenting – Energy efficient parenting.  

We’re told that saving energy will save the world.  Saving the world is indeed an ideal goal, and, similar to charity that begins at home, so does ‘saving the world’ start at home.   

How can we save energy at home regarding parenting?  

With any energy-consuming action or apparatus, we first assess how much energy is wasted or saved by determining desired results in correlation to the amount of energy expended.   

If the conclusion is that we aren’t achieving results in relation to our efforts, it’s time to rethink if there’s any point in continuing what we were doing.  In other words, if it’s not working, don’t use it!   

Here’s how it works with parenting:  

Choose an issue with one of your children where you repeat the same reaction time and again with no results.  For example, you explained, lectured, got angry, frustrated, etc., to no avail.  That’s wasting energy.  

Conclusion: if it’s not working, don’t do it.  It wasn’t helping anyhow. 

That’s not to say you’re compromising your values or neglecting your child.  It simply means you’re not wasting your efforts ineffectively anymore, i.e., saving energy!   

The bonus to switching to energy-saving mode is that changing your part in the dynamics with the child can also trigger a complete transformation in the dynamics.  

Try it out, you have nothing to lose but wasted energy.

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